A Beginner’s Guide To Installing An Access Control System

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Blog by Spadina Security Inc

Selecting an appropriate access control system that restricts entrance in your premises to authorized individuals can safeguard your home or office and protect your family and employees. You can also track anybody who enters your premises from your mobile and print out detailed reports of access control activities.

However, when selecting the right access control system for your property, there are many things to consider, such as budget and training. You also have to ensure that you can integrate the new access control system into your security set up.

So, if you’re planning to install an access control system, but don’t know where to start, its best to do thorough research. With an endeavor to help you make an excellent decision, Spadina Security Inc, Access Control has designed a beginner’s guide to selecting the right access control system for you. Read on to learn more.

Getting Started
Make a plan: 
Go through a typical day at your office. Consider who unlocks the doors in the morning, and who locks up at night. Speak to individuals within your organization to get a more precise idea.

Prepare a list: Along the top of the sheet, write down the doors that staff will need access to do their job. Along the side of the paper, place the staff name or position, and where a staff member needs access to a door place an “X.” A blank space means no access for that employee.

Next Steps
Think like a burglar: 
Consider how you could bypass your current security set up. If you can identify easy ways to gain access to your office (like hiding in the bathroom until everyone leaves), so can a thief.

Plan for future needs. If you limit yourself to a stand-alone system when you know you will need to add additional doors in a year or two, it may end up costing you more for fewer features in the future. So plan for contingencies!

Consult a professional: Talk to a designer to ensure that your access control system will be so secure that not even you will be able to gain entry to a room without a card.

Advice from the pros
While professionals from other fields are competent to run wire and mount devices, they are limited in their knowledge of risk assessment and target hardening. Often specific components are not installed, creating a security risk and causing the entire system to fail when needed.

Consider something as simple as a door not being shut properly. A telephone company can run the wires for the access control system but may not know that the door must close and latch every time for the access control system to be effective.

Work with a professional: Security is a specialized business, so hiring a professional installer will ensure that your system will work as intended. Professional access control systems have an easy to use computer interface. You can also change people’s access level and update schedules in a matter of minutes.

If you want to enjoy a higher level of security, then work with our talented staff to design the right system for your needs today and in years to come. We can integrate your access control system with your alarm system, security cameras, and your locking devices.

At Spadina Security Inc. Access Control, our goal is to exceed your expectations. As the go-to experts in Toronto, Ontario, for all electronic locksmith needs, you can feel confident building your access control with us. We also specialize in biometrics and facial recognition. Visit our website to learn more or contact Spadina Security Inc. Access Control today.